Available contract Microencapsulation Formulation Development and Toll Manufacturing Services

We offer a variety of contract services in the area of Microspheres and Microencapsulation. The different formulation development and contract manufacturing offerings and capabilities are described as follows:

Nanoencapsulates: Spherical nanoencapsulates as small as 0.10 micron diameter.Microspheres: Spherical homogeneous spheres, i.e. of one material or a homogeneous mixture of more than one material.  Size range from 10-500 micron diameter.
Microcapsules: Spherical microencapsulates with a solid shell and a liquid or solid core. Size range from 10-500 micron diameter.



Formulation Development: We carry out development projects for client product initial development and optimization based on the client goals for active loading level, microsphere diameter, crush strength, sphericity, controlled or sustained release profile as required.  These formulation development studies in micrencapsulation can be either simple refinements or complete development efforts.  The final goal is to create a client required product in the form of either matrix microspheres or microencapsulates.  Typical studies can range from several days to 6 to 8 weeks.

Contract Nanoencapsulate and Microencapsulate Manufacturing: Development or optimization of the formulation and process which meets our of our customers' requirements followed by the manufacturing of Microspheres or Microcapsules

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