We provide biodiesel technologies for feed degumming, feed bleaching, FFA removal from biodiesel feedstocks, evaporators for biodiesel systems, polishing systems for dry wash biodiesel facilities, and glycerin purification systems.

We have completed projects for the physical refining of biodiesel feedstocks (vegetable oil, white grease, tallow, etc.), removing free fatty acids from the triglyceride stream.

Alternatively, our resin based free fatty acid removal systems utilize 2 beds for the esterification of the FFA’s.

We manufacture evaporators for each stage that is required for biodiesel plants.

Our polishing systems for dry wash processing are capable of the absorption of soaps, salts, MeOH, glycerine, and water.

We have provided systems for the post-distillation of biodieselwaste glycerin, employing thin film and/or short path technologies to convert crude reactor glycerine effluent to a product with the desired purity and properties.