Vobis has over 20 years experience in two primary technology areas, evaporation and granulation (microencapsulation). These include the design and manufacture of various evaporation (including WFE, SPD, forced circulation, rising film, falling film, MVR, TVR), crystallization, granulation and microencapsulation (including extrusion, pelleting, matrix and core shell microencapsulations) pilot plants and production scale systems. Vobis offers capital equipment systems as well as laboratory through pilot formulation development and scale up services and production scale toll processing services that comply with the requirements of six different industries.  

We offer the necessary laboratory and piloting capabilities to support our various evaporative and microencapsulation technologies, whether our clients seek toll production or capital equipment.

Please also see our pilot evaporation and crystallization system specific website for added details regarding smaller scale systems we offer:  http://www.pilotevaporators.com