Evaporation Systems Including Falling Film, Forced Circulation, Rising Film, MVR, WFE, SPD (molecular distillation), and Crystallization Systems

When you need a pilot or production evaporator system manufactured to specifically meet your requirements, we have the expertise and resources to fulfill your needs.  With our manufacturing shops located strategically in the United States and around the World and our engineers with over 100 years of combined evaporation and crystallization technologies application experience, we provide the best technical and economic systems solutions for our clients' evaporation applications.  We will consult with you to determine the best possible options and will not hesitate to redirect you to a better provider if our experience is not relevant.  We have implemented systems across the globe, from pilot scale through many ton per hour production scale systems.  The scope of supply that we provide is according to your goals and can include component packages to skid mounted systems or entire facilities.  Our systems provide workable solutions for complex evaporation processes.  All of our evaporation systems and fabricated components are made custom to match the clients' goals.  We can provide a custom solution to solve a problem requiring anything from a simple single effect forced circulation or falling film evaporation system, to a multiple effect system with an agitated thin film reboiler and fractional distillation column systems.  Our low overhead costs enable us to provide very cost effective solutions. 

We regularly and routinely exceed our clients’ expectations in determining the best solutions to match their goals, in designing their systems, in fabricating the appropriate solution, and then ultimately in helping to oversee the installation, start up, and maintenance of these systems.  We also provide fabrication only capabilities for clients who already have a design and need a knowledgeable and appropriately equipped shop to competitively deliver fabricated tanks, columns, falling film effects, agitated thin and wiped film evaporators and piping trains.

We offer competitively priced systems, and with shops strategically located around the world, we build and deliver systems very quickly whether it is to Houston, Sydney, Brazil, Germany, Australia, Indonesia, or India.

Granulation Systems Including Low Pressure Extrusion, High Pressure Pelleting, and Spheronization

Our combined 74 plus years of direct hands-on experience solving low pressure extrusion and medium to high densification pelleting problems (including cold pelleting) for granulation clients enable us to provide systems and processing solutions for both various Ag, Industrial and Pharmaceutical applications.  We provide expertise in a very broad range of mixing, wet short path, or low pressure extrusion through high pressure pelleting application areas, along with the appropriate peripherals to compliment these primary technologies.   Spray drying continues to grow in importance for our diverse clientelle where we match your requirements with standard laboratory through full custom production systems.  Other capabilities include:  spheronization, drying,  and coating.  We implement formulation development programs to assist our clients with determining the best solutions.  Our test centers are used to develop formulations and applicational solutions and to confirm these results in scale up in order to insure that we are providing the appropriate process solution.


Microencapsulation Systems


Our testing/formulation development department, system design team, manufacturing, and contract manufacturing offer more than a dozen different microencapsulation methods working according to the principles of proprietary microsphere and microencapsulation processes for the production of matrix and core shell products. Our equipment systems are developed, designed and manufactured from laboratory scale benchtop systems, through full scale production unit operations with throughputs of more than 10,000 Kg/hr.


Toll Processing

For each of our evaporation, granulation, and microencapsulation technology areas we support development and short as well as long term toll production requirements for our clients' products with facilities and teams of experienced staff which can provide toll processing to meet your needs.

Toll Distillation: 

We provide wiped film, short path or molecular distillation toll processing services for applications as diverse as edible omega 3 fatty acids to difficult to handle isocyanates.  Beginning with a laboratory trial, progressing through pilot trials, we derive the appropriate process to meet your purity and quality requirements.  Toll distillation using our wiped film, molecular or short path distillation technologies for single kilogram through multiple tank truck or rail car throughput campaigns.

Pelleting, Granulation, and Microencapsulation:

We provide laboratory evaluations to determine which of our granulation technologies are most appropriate to implement and follow those with pilot trials to generate the required answers for production scale tolling.  We provide contract development and formulation development when basic lab and pilot studies are insufficient.  Both GMP and industrial facilities are available to match the requirements for pharmaceutical, nutraceutical, agricultural, chemical process industry, oil and gas industry needs.