Custom Pelleting Manufacturing Services

We convert client products into free-flowing, low-dust pellets for both small ton as well as multiple hundred ton campaigns by using compaction through a die rather than melt processing. This cold pelleting technique allows the formation of pellet particles without imparting significant heat history. Because we accurately blend the components together prior to pelleting, the pellets solve various problems that occur when trying to feed the individual powders.

A typical cold pelleting project will start with a discussion to outline the client objectives and then progresses to a pelleting feasibility study where a proof of concept sample is made to determine if the product can be compacted using one of our pelleting techniques. Samples are generated while coming as close to production parameters as possible so that they closely resemble production quality pellets. During the cold pelleting evaluation, various equipment configurations may be investigated in order to increase the pellet quality. The pelleted samples are returned to the customer for evaluation.

The next step may be a semi-production cold pelleting run where several hundred pounds of material is generated for the customer to test the pellet performance. After this, most pelleted products are taken to full scale production.

Our expertise is producing pellets. We work with the manufacturer, distribution company, and/or the end user to make a pelleted product that fits the application.  Our facility has the capacity to process 500 or more tons per campaign to match your requirements.


  • Antioxidant/Stabilizer Blends
  • Impact Modifiers
  • Mold Release Agents
  • Flame Retardants
  • Specialty Resins
  • Custom Additive Packages
  • Structural Support Additives
  • Specialty Fine Chemicals
  • Animal Feed Additives

Additional Capabilities:

  • Low Pressure Extrusion
  • Spheronization
  • Microencapsulation

Making The Best Pellet Takes A System Approach

A typical cold pelleting production protocol includes pre-weighing all components, blending, feeding, pelleting, cooling, magnetic screening, classification and finally packaging.


Other Services:

  • Powder Blending
  • Low Pressure Basket Extrusion
  • Spheronization
  • Microencapsulation
  • Granule/Pellet Drying
  • Classification
  • Ferrous Metal Separation
  • Classification
  • Agglomeration
  • Agglomeration/Pelleting
  • Consulting and Product Development

    Advantages of Cold Pelleting:

    • Minimizes Heat History
    • Pellets Feed Better to Extruders and Match Size of Other Components
    • Prevents Segregation
    • Improves Worker Safety and Hygiene
    •  We Can Pelletize Low Melt Materials




    Cold Pelleting Feasibility Trial Available

    • Requires approx. 50 lbs
    • Usually performed in 1-2 weeks
    • Laboratory blending prior to pelleting mirrors production
    • Safety Evaluation requires all MSDS