Basket Extruders

Our Basket Extruders provide the lowest pressure method of wet extrusion combined with moderate sheer.   To form granules from 0.5 to 4.5 mm in diameter, our basket extruders provide a very versatile means of wet extrusion.  They produce consistent extrudates from wetted powders at laboratory through multiple ton per hour production extrusion rate capacities. 

In the upper chamber of our basket extruders the counter rotating internal breaker bar system breaks larger clumps of wetted feed material to allow gravity to convey the wetted mass down into the bottom extrusion zone rotor arms which, in turn, densify the material and extrude it through the screen basket.  Formed extrudates are discharged without damage by our proprietary discharge chute design.

Products extruded with our basket extruders have a stable extrudate structure with a large surface area which provides the optimum pliable properties for Spheronization.

Basket Extruder models are available with capacities from bench level scale to over 3,000 Kg/hr.

Separate basket extruder designs for pharmaceutical and industrial applications are manufactured to meet industry standards.  All extruder models are easily cleaned and have appropriate shaft seals protecting the feed material from contamination.  All process wetted components are made available per FDA or industrial requirements.  Metallurgies include:  316L, 316, 304, as well as more exotic metals

Our Basket Extruders include:

• Adjustable angle and gap between rotor blades and basket screen allowing optimization

of extrusion force

• Short active extrusion path minimizing temperature rise for heat sensitive actives

• Narrow particle size distribution product production

• Very high capacities of up to 3,000 kilograms per hour

• Screen sizes from 0.3 to 4.5 mm

• Extrudates well suited for Spheronization

• Appropriate electrical panels and drives for explosion proof operation when necessary

Basket Extruder Significant Features:

Simple free falling discharge to minimize resticking of granules

Adjustable wiping blades critical to control sheer

Internal counter rotating breaker bar keeps material from sticking together

High capacities

Safety switch prevents operation when screen is removed

Proven in multiple Industries:  Basket Extruders have proven successful in many industries, including pharmaceutical, agricultural chemicals, nutraceuticals and inorganic chemicals among others.

Example Applications:

Forming pharmaceutical extrudates prior to Spheronization for controlled release applications

Production of water dispersible and water soluble granules of agriculture chemicals

Granulation of confectionary products prior to tableting

Densification of organic chemicals

Formation of free-flowing vulcanization compounds

Options include:

• AC variable frequency drive for accurate control

• Explosion proof electricals

• cGMP, Food, or Industrial designs

• 316L, 316, 304 stainless steel or more exotic process wetted components as needed

Testing Available:  to demonstrate your process at our lab and pilot plant in the southeastern USA