Vobis, LLC provides microencapsulation services and solutions including:  granulation, pelleting, cold pelleting, extruders (basket, radial, and axial), spheronizers, fluid bed granulators, drip microencapsulation, spray chilling, shockwave, ultrasonic, continuous coacervation, spray dryers, Wurster columns.  We support our technologies with experienced engineering and testing services. Our formulation development and contract production services are available for Microencapsulator, Microencapsulators, Microsphere forming, and Granulation with Extrusion and Spheronization.

ASME Fabrication, Evaporators, Thin- Film Evaporators, Ethanol Plant Fabrication, Distillation Systems, Short- Path Evaporators, Falling FIlm Evaporators, Multiple Effect Evaporators, Crystallizers, Solvent Recovery Systems, Mixers, Basket Extruders, Spheronizers, Microencapsulators
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